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I specialize in writing for healthcare, design, and technology. Tools: solid data (is sexy!), empathy, and black coffee. :) Email: kaitomboc at gmail dot com

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5 Tips to Resuscitate Your Restaurant's Dying Social Media Strategy

Does this sound familiar? Your restaurant’s Facebook page has nearly 1K likes. You tweet whenever you feel like it. People even post awesome photos of your bestselling desserts on Instagram. Yet for the past year, signs of revenue growth are nowhere in sight.

What exactly is going on?!

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Here's One Cebu Restaurant Who Is Nailing It On Social Media

Restaurants who opt not to embrace social media marketing will be surprised to find out that they still have a social media presence after all. Diners will inevitably tweet, post photos on Facebook or Instagram, and talk about their experience on Yelp.

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44% of Small Business Owners Are Not Financially Literate

Modern day entrepreneurs and small business owners are touted as the new Renaissance men. The unfortunate reality is that many of these modern Renaissance men have a flimsy foundation in terms of financial literacy.