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I specialize in writing for healthcare, design, and technology. Tools: solid data (is sexy!), empathy, and black coffee. :) Email: kaitomboc at gmail dot com

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Laura wielo 133931 article

7 TED Talks For The Uninspired Content Marketer

Regardless of how much planning (or obsessing) you’ve put into your content marketing campaigns, feeling uninspired is part of the package as a creative marketer.

To help you bounce back from your content marketing rut, pull up a chair and listen to one (or all!) of these thought-provoking TED talks we've curated for you.

Jeshoots com 219388 article

How To Write Better Blog Intros and Engage Readers ASAP (With Examples!)

Remember in Alice in Wonderland when the white rabbit, with a waistcoat pocket and watch, ran past bored Alice and scurried down the rabbit hole?

Think of your blog post opening as the white rabbit. It should be unexpected and interesting that readers can't help but follow you down the rabbit hole to keep plowing through your blog post.

Read on to learn how.

William iven 19844 article

How To Get More Customers From Facebook Ads Without Increasing Your Budget

While there’s been a lot of talk lately about Facebook’s reachpocalypse as organic reach within the social network declines, you can't really call it a day unless you’ve tried what top brands are adopting to maximize ad spend on Facebook.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the strategy of top brands who are spending less but are reaching more people on Facebook with their ads.

Igor miske 207639 %281%29 article

11 Certifications to Pursue for a Killer Digital Marketer Resume

If you’re looking for a new role in marketing, and interested in something more specialized, it's high time to give your resume a makeover and learn the latest tools of the trade.

Where do you start? Which certifications are legit? Which training programs will give the most bang for your buck?

Look no further than our curated list of the best marketing certifications and courses online. Check out one, or all of them, and boost your resume to land your dream marketing role.

Happy learning!

Unrkg2jh1j0 olu eletu %281%29 article

How To Tell If Your Early Stage Marketing Strategy Is Working (And When To Pull The Plug)

You're blogging regularly, making the right hires, and staying up to date on all the latest digital marketing tactics. You knew success wouldn't be immediate, but still, things aren't moving fast enough to make you feel comfortable.

Should you call it a day because you’re not seeing results?

Lean website %281%29 article

5 Greatest Benefits of Launching a Lean Website Design Project

After ages of dilly-dallying, you have finally decided to come up with a new website design.

Of course, you're beyond stoked! After all, an outdated website is nothing short of committing business suicide. It's the top reason visitors can't wait to leave your tiny nook on the web.

You're all set. Not so fast!

Screen shot 2016 05 05 at 2.46.55 pm article

How Often Should You Email Your List? The Ideal Email Frequency

Meet email savvy Emma. Apart from being a self-confessed technophile, she's also selective and fickle. But she’s loyal to brands who consistently provide value and create engaging email content. If she thinks you’re sending out uninteresting content in her inbox more often than you should, she’s quick to click the unsubscribe button!

How do you know if you’re not irritating Emma with your email marketing frequency? Is there a right frequency?

Photo 1448932223592 d1fc686e76ea article

4 Emails To Send After The Sale To Keep The Brand Love Burning

Do you send follow-up emails with these phrases?

“I just wanted to check in” or “I just want to touch-base”.

If you think you’re doing a great job, Appcues’ John Sherer thinks it’s a horrible email.

And we have to agree with him on this one.

Before you say “I’ve been doing this for years now and it’s working”, imagine being the recipient of your follow-up email.

Inbound marketing experts article article

50 of the Best Inbound Marketing Blogs and Influencers to Follow in ...

Finding the deserving thought leaders whom you want to follow is not always easy. There are thousands of pretenders for every genuine guru. Sometimes, you just wish you could find the good while ignoring the bad. But, the noise still persists.

But fret not! We're in the same boat, and we've managed to sail the inbound marketing waters without a glitch by keeping these inbound marketing blogs and influencers on our radar.

Let's explore the best and brightest of the inbound marketing community together, shall we?

Email list article

8 Fuss-Free Steps to Manage and Maintain a High-Quality Email LIst

According to eConsultancy’s 2015 Email Marketing Census, developing and maintaining a quality database of email addresses remains a struggle as marketers refuse to transition to more advanced segmentation tactics.

How do you keep your email list boned, veined, and skinned down to quality subscribers? We've laid out the steps below!

Email marketing tools article

10 Email Marketing Tools for Total Beginners

With too many email tool options out there promising that they’re the best fit for your marketing campaigns, how do you choose?

To help you make the decision, we list down the 10 best email marketing tools for 2016! We culled the interwebs for expert reviews and pricing for basic plans to whet your curiosity in picking the perfect fit that meets your email marketing goals.

Inbound marketing kpis article

How We Determine the Metrics for Success With Our Inbound Clients

The word metrics often strike fear in every marketer’s heart because of the following scenarios:
Data dump.
Analysis paralysis.
Too many spreadsheets opened all at once.
Difficulties in identifying metrics that matter the most.
And the most dreaded question from various stakeholders: How do we know that your marketing efforts are really working?
We totally get the feeling!

Evaluating marketing agency article

7 BIG Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Digital Marketing Agency

In contrast to relying on your in-house team or hiring freelancers, a digital marketing agency offers the advantage of quickly seeing results with minimal effort on your end.

To assist your digital marketing agency selection efforts, here are 7 essential questions to ask to help evaluate if an agency of your liking is the perfect match.

Content marketing tips article

7 Easy Content Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic

To truly succeed in content marketing, you have to take it one content marketing milestone at a time. These milestones range from promoting brand awareness to thought leadership to lead generation. Before you fret over all of these micro-goals, website traffic needs to happen first.

In this blog post, you'll learn how to gain traffic in 7 easy ways, just like how Alice in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland got herself drawn to the rabbit hole!

Buyer persona questions article

5 Buyer Persona Questions You Must Absolutely Ask

Some marketers make intuitive guesses by making stuff up about their customers' preferences. Others resort to statistical data to get into the heart of your prospects. Is one better than the other?