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User experience for entrepreneurs 768x512 article

A Clueless Entrepreneur's Guide to User Experience

Just when you thought you’ve nailed down your brand’s product development and marketing — from using lean methods to SEO to content marketing, you came across another article stressing the significance of UX, UI, design thinking, information architecture, and the list goes on.

How in the world can you keep up with all these jargon, buzzwords, and concepts when your to-do list is getting longer every day? Who has the time to sit down and learn all these things?

This is what this quick introduction to user experience is all about!

Idihzffxqp4 roman kraft article

How to Close a Deal Minus the Sleazy Salesman Tactics | Founder's ...

You're disgusted with the idea of hard selling.

You can’t stomach the thought of feigning interest, flashing on that fake smile, and showering your prospects with a bazillion of insincere compliments just to get them to say yes to your offer.

It sounds unethical, yes? It just doesn’t click with you.

7k0a0246 1024x682 220x162 article

What is SWOT and Why You Should Give a Hoot

Whether you’re a solopreneur running a coffee shop or a chief SEO officer heading a team dotted across the globe, there is no way for you to accomplish organizational goals without doing a SWOT. Heck, the folks behind HBO’s Silicon Valley, a hilarious take on tech geeks, even dedicated a minute of airtime to the almighty SWOT. And government organizations are dead serious about SWOT too.

Linkedin app article article

What Super-Smart Entrepreneurs Do on Linkedin to Get Noticed

Mediocre entrepreneurs network like crazy. The smarter ones don’t have to because they’ve established a stellar LinkedIn profile.

Have you ever wondered what these entrepreneurs do on LinkedIn to effortlessly acquire high-quality leads?What LinkedIn sorcery are these entrepreneurs involved with?

Delegate tasks 768x512 article

To Delegate or Not: How to Delegate Successfully

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs like Elon Musk come up with those incredible ideas and put them into fruition?

It boils down to good delegation!

When was the last time you’ve read about someone who proudly declared “I owe all this success to myself”? Not too often, right?

The process of delegation can be a tricky undertaking. It can help catapult your business for a short period of time. Or it can potentially put your entire venture in jeopardy.

Thoughtleadership article

Why Entrepreneurs Should Aim for Thought Leadership and How ...

Next to content marketing, thought leadership is one concept that is selling like hotcakes these days. B2C folks label 2016 as the year of thought leadership-driven content marketing (Has anyone noticed how buzz phrases follow this formula: “insert catchy word” + driven + marketing or design or development?) There are also skeptics asking if it’s just a waste of money to pursue thought leadership.

Sns management e1456109096575 600x568 article

4 Essential Project Management Skills that Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

Entrepreneurs often begin with an idea. The challenge lies in translating this idea into a profitable product or service.

This is where project management enters the picture.

An entrepreneur without solid knowledge of essential project management skills is less likely to arrive from Point A (idea) to Point B (execution) than the entrepreneur who has taken the time to learn and apply the basics of project management best practices.

Below is a list of project management skills that every entrepreneur should immerse themselves in for 2016!

Fotolia 92607403 xs article article

Move Over Tech, Health Care is the New Black in the Startup Industry

Healthcare startups are giving tech startups a run for their money.

Know the trends that are driving healthcare’s sudden rise to startup fame across the globe!

Product trends e1454381747451 220x162 article

3 Product Trends in 2016 That Forward-Thinking Entrepreneurs Should Try

We take a look at the product trends that are set to call the shots this 2016!

Sure, chance favors the prepared. However, preparation begins by being forward-thinking.

Fotolia 84960867 xs 220x162 article

Create Less for a Winning Content Strategy

Content marketing balances storytelling and user context to create quality posts that convert.

Are you asking the right questions when creating content?

20150713cybozu article article article

How the Internet of Things Can Make You a Smarter Entrepreneur

For entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers, what exactly does the IoT bring to the table?

Basic accounting article

Data-Backed Reasons to Prioritize Email Marketing in 2016

Did you know that email trumps over Facebook and Twitter in acquiring new customers? Know data-backed reasons why email marketing should be a priority in 2016!...