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I specialize in writing for healthcare, design, and technology. Tools: solid data (is sexy!), empathy, and black coffee. :) Email: kaitomboc at gmail dot com

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Time theft 1024x512 article

The Dark, Ghastly World of Manual Scheduling and Attendance

Psst! Are you still using punch cards, time clocks, or any other form of manual scheduling to track employee attendance and schedule?

If you are, we have bad news..

Getting to know cebu%e2%80%99s carbon market 1024x512 article

Getting to Know Cebu's Carbon Market

Before air conditioned supermarkets, food specialty stores, and weekend farmers’ markets came into fashion in Cebu City, there were three major food-shopping destinations that locals from all walks of life trooped into on a regularly basis.

You wake up at 3 in the morning and march down to Pasil for the freshest seafood of the day. You head to Tabo-an if you want to stock up on sun-dried fish and squid.

And then there’s Carbon, the mother of all wet markets dotted throughout the city, where every produce and wares imaginable can be found.

Pablo 25 article

5 Reasons Foreign CEOs Should Start a Business in the Philippines

Here's a solid list of reasons why foreign CEOs should choose the Philippines for their next business venture!

Way move money philippines article

Best Ways to Send Money to the Philippines

Although industry leaders like Western Union, PayPal, and Moneygram have been dominating the money transfer scene to the Philippines, several startups are giving the incumbents a run for their money!

How to manage your employees article

Be a Better Manager in 10 Minutes or Less

Many would like to believe that people quit jobs because of greener pastures such as better pay and greater benefits. In reality, employees leave because of their managers.

Pablo 2 1024x512 article

Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

It’s that overwhelming feeling of trying to tackle everything in your to-do list but you feel like time is racing against you too. Before you know it, dusk has settled in (or dawn if you’re a night owl) but you have nothing tangible to show for it.

Where did all the time go?!